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Web Pages That Suck

Learn Good Design by Looking at Bad Design

Vincent Flanders, Michael Willis

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Vincent Flanders and Michael Willis teach good Web design by looking at the ugly and confusing sites, websites which fail to deliver well designed and focused content. The book shows how to define the target audience precisely, and how to tailor the website's graphics, navigational elements, and content to fit those needs. The authors propagate using tables versus frames, which cause so many usability problems. Advanced technologies such as plug-ins, cascading style sheets, XML, databases, VRML, Java, streaming video and audio, videoconferencing, and chat are covered in some detail. Website maintenance and marketing issues are addressed, including the proper choice of domain names, and how to register them with search engines and directories. The books comes with a hybrid CD-ROM including several utilities for creating .gif animations, cascading style sheets, HTML pages, and size optimized Web graphics.

Jetzt bestellen: Web Pages That Suck

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ISBN: 078212187X

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