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Homepage Usability

50 Websites Deconstructed

Jakob Nielsen, Marie Tahir

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Quick! You have 10 seconds to show your face to the world! What does your homepage say? In a world of information overload and dying dot.coms, your homepage must grab the attention of visitors, tell them where they are, and let them know where they can go. Does your site pass the test? Homepage Usability is all about making that first impression. Is your tag line effective? Can visitors find your search box? How difficult is the page to navigate? What percentage of your homepage is devoted to actual content? By putting 50 of todays top sites to the test, web usability experts Jakob Nielsen and Marie Tahir show you what makes for good and not so good first impressions. This book contains hundreds of examples that you can employ on your own homepage. Apply the best. Avoid the worst.

Jakob Nielsen is known as the father of Web usability. His Web site, useit, is followed by thousands and is recognised as the leading resource for discussion on Web usability. His interviews frequently appear in media from academic journals to Wall Street Journal and USA Today, as well as television appearances. He is the Director of Strategy at the Nielsen/Norman Group, which specialises in consulting and research on usability and design issues.

Jetzt bestellen: Homepage Usability - 50 WebSites Deconstructed

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ISBN: 073571102X

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